How to have the best Instagram food account in 2020?

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How many times have you not encountered Instagram with a photo of a colossal hamburger that overflows melted cheese on slices of Iberian ham? Or a video where chocolate syrup is poured over red fruit ice cream and yogurt? Your mouth is watering, isn't it? 

Lately, social networks, specifically Instagram, have been filled with accounts that are dedicated to uploading gastronomic content of this style, what we popularly call food porn. Photographs of provocative food have been attracting more and more attention.

Do you also want to create an Instagram gastronomic account? We will teach you how to make it!


example food porn on Instagram: fruit cake
example food porn on Instagram: pancake
example food porn on Instagram: roast chicken leg
example food porn on Instagram: crisp buger
example food porn on Instagram: meat dish
example food porn on Instagram: kebab

Tips to have the best Instagram gastronomic account

First of all, it is good that you define if you are going to specialize your account in a type of food (such as Italian or muffin food), or if you think of something general. For practical purposes, let's assume you chose a dessert account. Then, pay attention to the following recommendations that will surely help you have the best food account and Instagram.

Define the account name

Depending on which audience your account is focused on, you must choose a name for it. We recommend you do it in English, as it greatly extends the reach. 

Remember that it must be something precise, easy to remember and defining the content.If you are thinking of using the term foodporn in the name, you must take into account the competition that it bears; Many accounts already have variants of that name.


Getting sources for the content is the most fun part: you can use free pictures or pay for them, that's your decision.

You can also do as many other food accounts do, who gets content in different ways:

  • Part of his content is from other Instagram accounts, kindly asking the creators and mentioning them in return (which, by the way, benefits both).
  • Goes to food stores with your camera, to capture that precious moment in which the fried egg is spread on a slice of toast.
  • If you consider yourself good in the kitchen, you can create your own content at home and be more than a compiler.

Create attractive food

If the third option captivates you, well, pay attention

There is something that makes seeing the picture of a cinnamon roll we can feel the taste of cream cheese frosting in our mouth. That something is the presentation

  • Once you have your dessert ready, let's put an apple strudel, look for a dish that contrasts, but does not steal prominence (light gray or simply white can serve). 
  • Then put a slice of strudel on the plate and spread a little cinnamon on it. You can almost smell it! 
  • Now, the final step, get optimal lighting, a good camera and capture a close up of your dish. You can try different angles and see which one works best. 

But remember this: photographing food may need as much artistic vision and aesthetic criteria as photographing a model.

Make videos

There is something we all like more than watching food photographs: watching food videos! 

Uploading them to your gastronomy account will greatly help you gain followers exponentially. Now, let's divide the gastronomy videos into two parts: 

  1. Video recipe. This type is more like a tutorial, it shows the preparation of a dish, step by step. If your gastronomic account is more focused on the nutritious, this type of video is perfect for you. Many accounts usually upload content like this using the quick camera resource, since Instagram does not allow uploading videos longer than a minute. 
  2. Serve the dish. This type of video is the closest to the concept of food porn. Have your camera focusing closely when you gently chop the cake of that chocolate volcano, already on the table and ready to be eaten. You can use the slow motion to give the viewer time to savor each drop of syrup. 

We have seen this resource a lot, but it is still effective. And it's very simple: it's just a shot (decorated, of course) of the dish being served. Usually taking a portion of the whole towards the plate, or once on the plate, being chopped subtly. 

It is very important that you do not upload photos or videos of people eating or chewing, as this may be unpleasant for some. Remember that we try to reach as many users as possible.


The description of the post or video is freely up to you, but we recommend the following two types: 

The descriptions that "narrate" the feeling generated by eating what is in the publication, for example: "This donuts tastes better than the fruit of Eden," or "I feel like I just want to eat this for the rest of my life."This type of description is good and attractive, but it brings with it a problem: you are forcing the user to feel as the text says. 

An open description, we consider, is much more effective, since you release the user's senses. An example for your dessert account would be the following: “on a cookie base, rest a lemon jelly, garnished with whipped cream and on top of it, an orange shell chip. 

Last but most important: Grow!

Now you already have a culinary account specializing in desserts! We hope that these tips have served you and motivated you to create the best gastronomy account on Instagram. In addition, you can buy Instagram services from FamousFollower, check our packages now.

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