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We promise this is the best Twitter followers service you will ever find! All followers are legitimate, real, and active with instant delivery. The price compensation for one fake account is ten times!

  1. Boost your fanbase quickly.
  2. Make your account look influential.
  3. Attract more natural followers.
  4. Increase the credibility of your brand/business.
  5. Drive traffic to your blog/site.


  1. Please input your unique Twitter username instead of the nickname.
  2. Make sure your Twitter account is PUBLIC.
  3. Don't use other followers' services at the same time.
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    We promise this is the best Twitter followers service you will ever find! All followers are legitimate, real, and active with instant delivery. The price compensation for one fake account is ten times!

    1. Boost your fanbase quickly.
    2. Make your account look influential.
    3. Attract more natural followers.
    4. Increase the credibility of your brand/business.
    5. Drive traffic to your blog/site.


    1. Please input your unique Twitter username instead of the nickname.
    2. Make sure your Twitter account is PUBLIC.
    3. Don't use other followers' services at the same time.

      Please Read Before Buying Twitter Followers

      • Please note that you must fill in your unique Twitter Username, i.e. @taylorswift13. NOT the nickname, otherwise the delivery will fail. 
      • Please keep your Twitter account Public and do not set to private until we deliver all your Twitter followers.
      • All payment transactions processed are entirely secure on Famous Follower. We support Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin.
      • Don't use the same services from other sites at the same time.

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      FAQs about Buying Twitter Followers

      Do I need to signup or login to buy any services? Do I need to give out my Twitter password?

      No, and no.

      We do not ask our customers to login or signup on our site or Twitter before paying for Twitter followers. You can directly buy real Twitter followers at our site as a guest. Purchase process on our site is super easy, which will take a few minutes.

      But you may notice, there is a gift-shaped button at the bottom right corner, which is our new Rewards system. Whether you are a new customer who never tried our service or a return customer who has ordered our service several times, I highly recommend to give it a try. Through this Rewards system, you can earn your fame by completing many things. After getting enough fame, you can redeem these fame to real coupons. You can use them on your future orders to get a discount. Isn't that amazing?

      You can also share your referral link to your friends or family. When your friends purchase on our site, you can also get a coupon.

      Please note that you will need to sign up an account and log in if using this Reward system. Creating an account is necessary to record your fame. Buy followers and make money on our site at the same time!

      As for the second question, we do not require and ask for your Twitter password. What we need is your Twitter username (aka, Twitter handle) to deliver your Twitter followers.

      You should always protect your Twitter account from any suspicious activities. If any sites or service provider asks for your Twitter password or asks you to log in your Twitter accounts on their sites before buying Twitter followers, don't hesitate to quit their sites. It's a big scam. They may give your personal information to third parties, putting your Twitter accounts in danger!

      However, you don't have to worry about information leakage and privacy leak at Famous Follower. We guarantee 100% safety and privacy for our customers.

      How to buy Twitter followers?

      Now if you are interested in quickly getting more Twitter followers for your profile, you are in the right place. Buying Twitter followers at Famous Follower is super easy. It won't take you more than 5 minutes to buy real followers as long as you follow the following steps one by one.

      1. Choose your package. You need to choose how many Twitter followers you want to buy. If you are a new Twitter account, we highly recommend small packages from 50 Followers to 500 Followers so that you can check our follower quality and grow a solid fan base.

      2. Input your Twitter username or profile URL in the blank column above the 'Add To Cart'. A correct Twitter username is necessary for our delivery. Please note that do not enter your Twitter name.

      3. Click the 'Add To Cart' or 'Buy it Now'. By clicking the 'Buy it Now' button, you will be directed to the checkout page where you need to enter your communication email so that we can contact with you in time if something goes wrong.

      4. Make the payment. After leaving your communication email and billing address, it is time to make the payment now. You can select payment methods on our site. We support Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin. All payment transactions processed are entirely secure on Famous Follower. Once we receive your payment, we will start to work on your order as soon as possible.

      5. Your order has been processed. Thank you for trying our service. You will receive a confirmation email from us regarding the order you have placed. If you have any problem, you can contact us through email, Whatsapp, or Twitter. We are always here to serve you.

      Do you provide a free trial?

      Yes, we do provide free Twitter followers trial now. You can check here to try some free Twitter followers from us.

      Back then, we used to provide a free trial of Twitter followers for new customers and some loyal clients. They can get 100 Twitter followers free by simply contacting us. One Twitter account is only allowed to experience Twitter followers free trial for once. But some guys who asked for free Twitter followers several times by changing their email ids and use fake credit cards on purpose, which consumes a lot of time.

      Hence, we have stopped the free trial service. Suppose you want to test our Twitter follower quality. In that case, it is recommended that you can firstly order a small package, like 50 Twitter followers, or you can also contact our 24/7 support for a special tailored/customized service. We guarantee you will get a satisfactory result from Famous Follower.

      Will my Twitter followers drop in time?

      First, you need to know this: if you see a site that says their Twitter followers are 100% No-Drop, that means they are selling bots and fake Twitter followers created by machine. If you know about the Twitter policies, you will learn how much Twitter hate fake engagements. Buying fake and cheap Twitter followers will put your account at risk. If you see sites that claim they are selling real Twitter followers with 100% No-drop, they are fake. There is no way real followers will stay on your profile forever.

      I hate to say this, but yes, very few of your Twitter followers will drop in time if you buy from us because they are real Twitter followers. So they are free to follow or unfollow people, depending on whether they like your content or not.

      But we can guarantee 90% our Twitter followers will not drop. And Famous Follower also provides refill service, which means when our system detects your followers are dropping, we will start to add new Twitter followers for you. You can go ahead to check the quality of our real Twitter followers.

      Will my account get suspended if buy Twitter followers?

      Buying real Twitter followers will not get you banned, but buying fake and bots followers can.

      That's why Famous Follower only provides real Twitter followers for our customers. Customer's safety is our top priority.

      If you search for 'buy Twitter followers' on Google, a long list of results will appear, all sites claim to boost your Twitter followers and grow your account at the lowest price. But what they actually do is quite the opposite of that. By selling bots and fake Twitter followers to you at the lowest price, these providers are destroying your Twitter account. Because Twitter regards this sudden growth on fake and bots followers as spammy activities, therefore your account may break the Twitter rules and causing your account to be suspended or terminated.

      Type of Twitter followers that are bad for your Twitter account

      Fake Twitter followers at low prices. Fake followers can not engage with your tweets, decreasing your engagement ration, and may destroy your brand credibility on Twitter. And the worst, fake Twitter followers can be easily detected by Twitter, putting your account in danger. Buying cheap followers does more harm than good.

      Free Twitter followers from followers app. There are many 'Get Twitter followers' apps on the Internet, but none of them is safe because their followers are fake and bots. When you use these free follower apps, your personal information on Twitter is leaked through those free apps, causing a safety issue, according to Twitter.

      Therefore, getting real Twitter followers on Twitter is the most crucial thing. You can take a try of our real followers; we guarantee you 100% Twitter followers from real users.

      How can I find my Twitter username or Twitter URL?

      First, you need to figure out what is a Twitter username.

      A Twitter username, aka Twitter handle, is your unique account name on Twitter that differentiates you from other users. But it is different from your Twitter name that is also called the display name. You can either add emojis or use underscores to make your Twitter name more creative and dope.

      Twitter username is essential if you want to pay for Twitter followers for your account. With the correct Twitter username, we can successfully add real Twitter followers for your profile.

      How to check your Twitter username?

      Open the app Twitter, and then log in your account. When you are at the homepage, click your profile pic and go to the Profile page, wherein you can see your username below the avatar and starts with @. For example, @ashleyfamousfo1 means ashleyfamousfo1 is your username.

      If you want to see your Twitter URL, you simply need to log in your Twitter account through the browser (either on a laptop or your phone). And then on the top of the browser, you can see your Twitter URL, like this: twitter.com/ashleyfamousfo1.

      Where are these Twitter followers from? Can I get targeted Twitter followers from certain countries?

      Twitter followers we add for you are not fake followers nor bots created by machines. They are real Twitter accounts controlled by real worldwide people.

      You may wonder how can we get so many Twitter followers to follow you.

      Well, before we get into this industry, we have already operated our own communities and other sites for years. These sites have more than 1k real users per day, and there are millions of active members in our communities. When you order 50 Twitter followers for your profile, what we will do is to expose and promote your account on a small community of ours until enough people follow you. Same as sharing your Twitter account with your friends and family to get more followers and likes.

      The difference is now you share your Twitter account with us, and we will do the work of promotion, saving your time and energy for a quicker and better result, which is the safest way to boost your Twitter account. These Twitter followers are real followers worldwide. If your product/brand is excellent enough, they may become your loyal fans and engage with you on Twitter. You can likely get more Twitter likes and retweets from these potential audiences.

      Can I get targeted followers from certain countries? A good question and a good thought!

      Of course, you can get targeted Twitter followers from Famous Follower. Buying targeted Twitter followers is an excellent choice because these followers will come from certain countries you choose. If you own a business in the USA, then getting more Twitter followers from the USA will definitely boost your local business and attract more local audiences.

      But it is a different service from this Twitter followers service that provides worldwide Twitter followers. If you want to buy targeted Twitter followers service, you can click the "Buy Targeted Twitter Followers" button at the end of our page to check more information. If you have any issues about anything, don't hesitate to contact us immediately. We are happy to serve you!

      What are the benefits of buying real Twitter followers?

      There are over 300 million active Twitter users around the world, and news on Twitter spread faster than any other platforms, which makes Twitter a crowded place for people to reach more audiences. Twitter accounts, including personal accounts who share their thoughts to the world, businesses who are selling products/services, and Twitter influencers who promote their brands, are struggling to attract more audiences as many as possible. According to the statistics, 75% of businesses, including B2B and B2C use Twitter as a platform for marketing, which means Twitter has become more popular than Instagram and Facebook among businesses.
      If you think everyone on Twitter can become a success, you are wrong. Like we said above, Twitter is a crowded and competitive place. Nobody achieves success without help. That is why Famous Follower is here.

      It is well-known that success on Twitter is determined by the amount of Twitter followers and engagements. Every big brand or business has a vast amount of Twitter followers, many retweets, and replies under their tweets. But it is super tricky for small business/brands to get there in a fast and effective way.

      Buying real Twitter followers can help you with that. When you purchase Twitter followers, follower count on your profile increases, making your profile look more authentic. And when people see your tweets and check your profile, your Twitter profile will attract them; there is a big chance they will follow you too. This effect is called Bandwagon Syndrome. In this way, you can get more organic and real Twitter followers. Nobody will follow someone without even one follower.

      Many people have bought Twitter followers to get started on Twitter. According to the Fake Follower Check tool, which can detect how many fake followers a user has, and turns out Lady Gaga has over 35 million fake followers, and more than 70% of President Trump's Twitter followers are fake. If the President of the United States has bought Twitter followers, then why don't we?

      With large amounts of Twitter followers, the credibility of the Twitter profile is increasing. That's a great thing for businesses or brands because people use the number of followers as a primary metric to see whether products of businesses are good or bad. If a brand has lots of Twitter followers, then people are likely to try the product, helping your brand to expand and target more audiences. Your revenue will get a huge boost too.

      Real Twitter followers will see your tweets because they are real followers in our communities. And if your content is high quality and interesting enough, they may like, reply and even retweet your tweet, improving the exposure of your tweets and reaching more Twitter users. Therefore, your audience engagement rate will increase, and the Twitter algorithm will recognize that and promote your tweets to more people. However, if you buy fake followers, these bots do a little help on your interaction on Twitter. They are just numbers on your Twitter profile. That's why we recommend not to buy fake Twitter followers.

      Getting more Twitter followers can increase your social presence on Twitter. When you get a certain amount of followers, many companies will make contact with you, and you can make money by promoting their products or brands. Isn't that amazing? You can become an influencer and get paid by tweeting.

      Besides Twitter followers service, we also provide services like Twitter retweets, and Twitter likes to grow your engagement rate, making your Twitter growth faster. 

      Why choose Famous Follower?

      • Famous Follower is a social media team of marketing experts with over five years of experience. With the best understanding of the Twitter Algorithm, the Twitter rules and policies, our team knows the best way to promote your Twitter account no matter you are an individual account, operating business, or developing your brand on Twitter.

      • Real & Legit Twitter followers are what we offer. Many people flock to buy Twitter follow bots because bot followers are free, cheap and easy to get. You can buy 1k fake Twitter followers for $5 or less. But have been working in this industry for years, one thing we can be sure of is that: fake Twitter followers and follow bots can do massive harm to a Twitter account. 

      • That's why Famous Follower does not provide bot Twitter followers. We are one of the very few service providers that offer real Twitter followers. The quality of our Twitter followers are tested multiple times before launching, so we guarantee you the best quality and real followers on Twitter. No false promises!

      • When people buy bots, they think it will make their profile look much more popular, but the fact is, in the eye of Twitter, their accounts look spammy enough. And if one person keeps buying bots in this way, Twitter will very likely ban and terminate the account. 

      • 100% safety and satisfaction are guaranteed. Always keeping the platform privacy in mind, we assure the security and privacy of our subscriber services. Sparing no effort to use less information, we devoted ourselves to achieve the best result for each customer.

        Having worked in increasing followers and likes on social media, we never encounter the problem that one customer complains about his/her channel get banned or terminated. If you are not sure of follower quality, we recommend you can try a small package. You will get a satisfactory result when you purchase Twitter followers from us.

      • 24/7 customer support for your service. You can contact us if you have encountered any problem with placing your orders or anything related to Twitter. We are at your service at any time to help you grow your Twitter account. 

      • Partner with thousands of individual Twitter influencers and businesses on Twitter, our customers think highly of us and love to recommend us to their family and friends.

        If you are still looking for the best service provider for increasing your followers on Twitter, look no further because we guarantee that you will get satisfactory results from Famous Follower.

      How to get followers on Twitter?

      For newcomers on Twitter, real Twitter followers are challenging to earn quickly and naturally. It will take you a lot of time and energy. Buying followers from a trustworthy provider is the most effective way to grow Twitter followers. But it would best if you could also use some social media marketing strategies to get immense growth.

      Below are our top 10 tips from our experts:

      Tweet consistently.
      Post more visual content.
      Utilize posting time (Weekdays in the early and late afternoons are perfect).
      Follow new trending hashtags.
      Engage with replies and retweets.
      Retweet quality content.
      Create an attracting bio.
      Share your Twitter URL in other platforms like Instagram, YouTube.
      Don’t buy fake Twitter followers.

      How to get paid on Twitter?

      With 0 followers on Twitter, it is less likely you can make money on Twitter. But when you have much more Twitter followers, let's say 1k or 10k Twitter followers on your profile, your chances of earning money on Twitter is increasing.

      Here are some ways you can use to make big bucks through Twitter:

      1.Post Sponsored Tweets. When you have a robust social presence on Twitter with thousands of loyal, engaged Twitter fans, other companies will love to pay you to tweet about their brand and products.

      2. Promote your own products. If you are selling your products through Twitter, promoting your fabulous products to your followers is a great way to expand your brand and increase revenue.

      3. Get more traffic to your site through Twitter. Owning a site but with few organic users per day? Twitter is another place for you to promote your site. You can tweet about some services your site provides or tweet about your fascinating blogs on your site. Remember to share the site link on Twitter. When you followers like the blog, they will click and visit your sites.

      4. Promote Affiliate Products on Twitter. You can do affiliate marketing on Twitter. When people on Twitter purchase via the link you share, you will get a commission.

      5. Monetize on Twitter. Just like on YouTube, when your channel gets monetized with at least 4,000 watch hours and 1k subscribers, you can apply for monetization and earn money every time people click the ads before your videos. You can do that on Twitter too! Twitter Media Studio allows you to place in-stream video ads and video sponsorships right into your Twitter video content so that you can make money directly on Twitter.

      Voilà! Now you know how to make money on Twitter and increase more revenues for your business. Let's boost on Twitter!

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