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In the business world, everything isn’t easy. We offer legit likes to help you shine on LinkedIn and get a good start on your professional career. Speed delivery & Quality Customer Support to serve you!


  • Buy LinkedIn likes to add value to your posts.
  • Increase engagement rate and trigger the algorithm.
  • Promote your posts/info to reach more people.
  • Help to get more organic followers and connections on LinkedIn.
  • Help you stand out fast in the business world.
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    Please Read Before Buying LinkedIn Likes

    1. Please input your correct LinkedIn post URL. Double-check it to avoid wasting your money.
    2. Please make your LinkedIn post visibility Public not Private.
    3. All payment transactions processed are entirely secure on Famous Follower. We support Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin.

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    FAQs about Buying LinkedIn Likes

    What is LinkedIn for?

    With over 706million active users and over 200million users engaging with the site, LinkedIn has built a reputation for being the largest and most sophisticated business and corporate niche site in the world. Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn's platform allows you to build relationships with businesses and recruiters, enhances your business visibility, and connects you with excellent corporate opportunities.

    When you operate on a platform where 44% of users earn a$75,000 average annual income, you cannot afford to take a chance on how you intend to propel your professional image; therefore, you must do everything it takes to get noticed, including adding a crisp and professional image to your profile, completing your profile 100%, creating eye-catching posts, and buying LinkedIn likes for your post.

    Why Should I Buy LinkedIn Likes?

    There are many reasons why you need LinkedIn likes. Generally, with every social media platform, enhanced visibility pushes your brand to a larger audience; however, with LinkedIn, the audiences are professionals, entrepreneurs, politicians, business owners, CEOs, and leaders in different industries looking to connect or hire from LinkedIn. 

    - You influence the LinkedIn algorithm into suggesting your posts and profile to more prospects. As with other social media algorithms, the LinkedIn algorithm will tell more people about you or your business only when they see that people view and like your posts. If you follow the traditional method, you may not be able to get LinkedIn's algorithm to suggest you to prospects; however, when you buy cheap LinkedIn likes on your post, you will break LinkedIn's evil algorithm and get more views and suggestions.

    - You get social integrity and social proof: Social proof refers to a situation where a group of people may be unwilling to like or view your posts if there are no substantial number of likes on the post. When you buy legit likes for LinkedIn posts, other real LinkedIn users will feel like your posts are being liked, and in turn, they will be urged to check out your post and profile.

    - You get more connections and business contact: LinkedIn is the largest online network of people seeking jobs and recruiters looking for professional candidates for a job. Therefore, every connection matters. Every like you buy an opportunity to get a real like or a real view that will lead to a job.

    - You make more money and establish your authority: LinkedIn is a place to establish your authority if you ever want to have meaningful connections and build solid social and business contacts; however, even if you are a professional at what you do, you still need a boost—or a visibility strategy to help widen your audience reach.

    Why Should I Buy LinkedIn Likes from Famous Follower?

    - At Famous Follower, we sell authentic and real LinkedIn likes: Unlike many other brands out there that use bot-mechanisms to deliver LinkedIn likes to you, we deliver real bot-free LinkedIn likes to your posts. 

    - Secure Technology: We have invested in efficient technological systems that will seamlessly accept your order, process payment, initiate your order request, and deliver your order request on time. Our technology is superior and unparalleled, our services are 100% efficient, and we only sell real likes for LinkedIn.

    - Value for Money: When you purchase cheap LinkedIn likes from us, you get three times more value for the money invested. Whenever you purchase LinkedIn likes from us, we deliver high-quality likes that will drive engagement to your LinkedIn profile and lead to better exposure and high-quality connections.

    - 24/7 Support: We have a 24/7 support system for all our customers and clients. However small or large your order is, we ensure that you receive excellent customer service from our customer-contact team. If you have questions regarding our service's scope, you can get in touch with us through email, Instagram, or WhatsApp, and any of our friendly team members will be in touch.

    Can I Get Banned for Buying Bot Free LinkedIn Likes from Famous Follower?

    When you buy real LinkedIn likes from Famous Follower, you are assured of a safe and secure transaction. LinkedIn will never find out that your purchase was fake because we sell bot-free LinkedIn likes. We deliver real bot free and organic LinkedIn likes. However, we cannot guarantee the safety of other companies that claim to sell authentic LinkedIn likes, so if you are purchasing from us, do not buy from anyone else until our delivery is completed.

    When Do You Start Sending My Order?

    Once payment has been successfully processed, we will begin delivering your order. 

    Please note that large orders take a longer time than small orders: this is done to ensure that your orders are spread organically, not to arouse suspicion.

    Will Anyone Know that I Ordered Real LinkedIn Likes from Famous Follower?

    No, no one will ever suspect because we only sell real LinkedIn likes from real LinkedIn accounts. All our likes are organically come from real LinkedIn accounts from our communities and organically distributed. No one will ever suspect anything unless you tell.

    Are my Data Safe with Famous Follower?

    We do not store customer data. Once an order is completed, your data is removed from our system. Also, we do not share your information with any third-party organizations. Once you activate an order, we are bound by an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). 

    Can I Order LinkedIn Likes for a Friend's Account? 

    Yes, you can order LinkedIn likes for a friend. As long as you can send us the friend's post URL, we will deliver the desired LinkedIn likes to the account.

    Do You Need My Password to Deliver High Quality LinkedIn Likes?

    No, we do not need your password to deliver real LinkedIn likes to your account. And we also do not recommend that you provide it to anyone else since it will put your LinkedIn account at risk.

    How Do I Order for Real LinkedIn Likes from Famous Follower?

    Step 1: Make an order

    Make an order from the list of packages we have. If you want a custom order, you can always reach out to customer service.

    Step 2: Provide URL

    Go to the post you want us to deliver the authentic Instagram Likes and copy the link. Paste in on our portal and submit.

    Step3: Make Payments

    Pay for your order. Once payment is confirmed, we will begin delivering the bot free LinkedIn likes immediately.

    Please note that your LinkedIn account must be set at public, not private, whenever you are making an order and all through the delivery process. If your account is set to private, we will not be able to deliver your order.

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