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We provide Facebook comments from real accounts to boost your engagement and make your posts/page popular. Speed delivery. Safety & Satisfaction Guaranteed. 24/7 Support to serve you!


  • Gain engagement on your Facebook post with real comments
  • Attract more organic interaction on your Facebook page
  • Increase your Facebook account visibility
  • Get better Facebook page ranking
  • Become even more popular on Facebook
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We provide Facebook comments from real accounts to boost your engagement and make your posts/page popular. Speed delivery. Safety & Satisfaction Guaranteed. 24/7 Support to serve you!


  • Gain engagement on your Facebook post with real comments
  • Attract more organic interaction on your Facebook page
  • Increase your Facebook account visibility
  • Get better Facebook page ranking
  • Become even more popular on Facebook

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What is Facebook Comment?

Facebook comments are one of the primary features on Facebook. The purpose of all social media platforms is to make room for interactions among their users. Without interaction, there would be no active and instant engagement; thus, people will not be willing to come back to the platform. For instance, if you own a business page, you wouldn’t know what your clients feel about your posts, products, or services. You would not get the feedback necessary to improve on your content. So you see, content is dead on arrival without corresponding dialogue. This is why you should buy comments for FB posts; to improve your page engagement, rating, and general likeability. 

Why should I buy Facebook comments?

Engagement is the order of the day on Facebook. Facebook users barely notice posts that have little or no engagement. You can sell a product, advise friends, make jokes, address an issue on Facebook, but you need engagement to keep the conversation going. This is why you need Facebook comments to kickstart that conversation.

Buying Facebook comments help give your post a certain boost, such that people’s interests are piqued, and they want to read your opinion or are interested in what you have to sell. The comments give your Facebook post the kind of visibility and credibility needed to rank even higher. According to the Facebook algorithm, the higher the engagement, the better the visibility.

Where can I find my Facebook post link?

If you have logged into your Facebook account on an Android phone, open the Facebook app, find the post you want to gain comments on, and then tap the three dots on the top right corner of your post. Scroll down, and you will see a "Copy Link" button. Click it and then paste the link in the dedicated box. 

If you are using iphone, the steps are a little bit different. Please follow the below steps.

1. Tap “Share” on the bottom right corner of your post
2. Choose “More Options.”
3. Click “Copy.”
4. Paste the link in the dedicated box.

If you are using a browser, you could find the link in your browser's address bar. Or you can directly right click on the timestamp of the post and select 'Copy Link Address.' Easy-Peasy!

Feel free to contact us if you still have problems with getting your Facebook post link!

Can I customize my order?

Sure, you can get a tailored service, but the price will be different. Feel free to contact us for more information!

How to get comments on Facebook posts?

The first way to get comments is to post regular content on your page if your page is a business page. The content can be in the form of a word post, videos, pictures, or anything relevant to the purpose of your page and the needs of your friends, fans, and followers. Relevant posts will stimulate a response from them.

But there are other unorthodox ways of achieving this. If you want to keep the communication flowing with your clients, you must feed them the information they need on a regular basis. Naturally, they will drop their comments without being told. Still, you should end every post with a call to action, which can include anything from clicking on a new product, signing up for an email newsletter, or simply drop their response in the comment box. When one person makes a comment, it provokes a response. There’s a ripple effect of interaction that helps keep your page active. You can alternatively get legit FB comments when you buy Facebook comments cheap.

What are the popular “Facebook Call to action” hacks?

Facebook hacks are ways of maximizing engagement on your Facebook page. They are not necessarily magical tricks that can help transform your page overnight. But when you implement them every time you make new posts, you will see significant changes and improvements in your Facebook activity, impression, and visibility. This can lead users to take actionable steps that can drive sales for your products and services. They take the form of a call to action mentioned earlier. Note that your content has to be of super quality for these tricks to work.

1. Vote-baiting: This is a very popular trick across all social media platforms. People love to feel that their opinions matter. When you ask users to air their opinion on a specific issue by casting a yes or no or maybe vote, they are more likely to participate even more in subsequent posts and drop a FB comment.

2. Share-baiting: Again, this depends on quality content. Normally, people will want to share contents that they feel their friends should see, but you should actively encourage your audience to share a post.

Other hacks also include comment baiting, tag-baiting, and comment baiting.

Can I get Facebook comments without using the hacks?

The answer depends on what you need and whether you need it fast. If you think (and we do think) that having Facebook comments will help your page and your brand, then you need many comments on a consistent basis. For stated reasons, comments help draw in new users and stimulate conversation around a particular post, which can help sustain your visibility and popularity in the long run. People are unpredictable. They may respond well to a post even when the content isn’t great. They may see a great post and ignore it because you fail to appeal to their senses of persuasion. So if you’re okay with having a paltry amount of comments on your fabulous posts, then you may decide to be at the mercy of users’ unpredictability while your brand performs poorly.

Are there other ways to get more Facebook comments aside from buying them or using hacks?

Yes, there are. But the path is long and uncertain. We assume that you should direct your energy on your business by creating your real products and services that users consume ultimately. This alone takes too much time already. You can barely have the time to implement them by yourself or by your social media and digital marketing team. Also, most of these methods can be combined with buying comments to achieve optimal results. These methods are not limited to the following:

1. Regularly post captivating content that will hook people’s attention.

It’s been rightly observed that people have a short attention span on social media. The span gets even thinner, with the deluge of information and posts that can become dizzying for people to keep track of and sieve out the best. One of the ways to get more comments is to regularly make interesting posts on your Facebook page. Are there any trends and topical issues on the internet? Jump on them. There will be no second chances. Develop your content around controversial issues (positive though!), latest news, and development. If you’re skeptical about delving into politically sensitive matters, you can talk about safer but trendy issues such as entertainment buzz, sports, and local events.

2. Ask your users to make authentic input.

Many page owners commit the error of bullying people to like or comment on their posts. The truth is that people hate to be told what to do, except they feel the need to do so. When your content is appealing enough, telling people to make authentic inputs (without sounding too mechanical or ambitious about selling a product to them) will elicit a positive response from them. You can buy positive Facebook comments for your post to reduce stress.

3. Use visual content.

Unless it’s a very compelling story or deals with a hot-button issue, a post that includes just text is unlikely to get many reactions. According to a study by NewsWhip, which tracks social media engagement, 86% of the Facebook posts that get the most comments are videos, and 14% are pictures.

4. Introduce questions in your posts

When you ask questions in your posts, you’re appealing to your users’ sense of esteem and intelligence. You don’t want to sound too all-knowing or professorial in your posts. It should be two-way traffic. Obviously, your questions should be tailored to the content you have just shared.

Also, they should not be too technical, like a thesis question. Duh! They should be as simple but as thought-provoking as possible. The more thought-provoking, the better. It’s been observed by experts that some questions are more potent than others. But do you seriously want to go through all this hard work? Why not purchase Facebook comments instantly instead?

But should you insist on using other organic ways such as appealing to people’s emotional sides, studying their behavior and reactions to your posts so that you can get Facebook comments on your posts? These are complicated ways to get free Facebook comments. But after investing so much time and effort, can you ensure that you will get a positive response. In most situations, you will get nothing.

At Famous Follower, we help you to get legit comments on Facebook that you need for your brand/business. We help your posts to grow faster and make sales conversions. Avoid getting fake comments on Facebook. Try us now!

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