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We all know the music industry is competitive, even for playlist curators. That’s why Famous Follower provides real followers for your playlist, promoting your playlist fast and grow to be the top playlist!


  • Increase your Spotify playlist followers at an exponential rate
  • Get more streams/plays on Spotify
  • Spread the awareness in the Spotify community
  • Expand direct reach to music-lovers
  • Easily make money by charging the artist (who wants to put their songs into your playlist)
  • Gain momentum in the fierce competition of curators
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        Please Read Before Buying Playlist Followers

        1. Please input the correct Spotify Playlist URL. And double-check it to avoid wasting your money.
        2. Please make sure your Spotify playlist is set to Public not private.
        3. Please note that this service is NOT applicable to Podcasts.
        4. All payment transactions processed are entirely secure on Famous Follower. We support Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin.

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        FAQs about Buying Spotify Playlist Followers

        Why should I buy Spotify playlist followers?

        Imagine you are a listener trying to find a playlist with the best running songs, how would you pick one among 10 pages of playlists titled “Running Hits”? It’s a no-brainer people will choose the ones that are most followed or listened to. This is the most rooting cause for many of our clients who have chosen to buy some followers from our platform. Only when you have a good quantity of followers can you start to attract more listeners to your playlists.

        Plus, a carefully composed playlist deserves more attention, and the quickest solution is to buy followers! Cultivating a popular playlist and waiting for followers to slowly roll in days after days can be a very discouraging process. More often, you tried everything out, but no cigar. An artist named Mario McPherson complained in the Spotify artist community that even though he had lots of music here on Spotify, he only had 4 followers. If Mario had tried buying some followers, he wouldn’t have had so much trouble!

        If you are an artist just kicking off your career, buy Spotify playlist followers! Because what’s most urgent for you is to build a fan base and try to enlarge it in the shortest time. Fans won’t come to those who sit out. Trust your career with our marketing experts who can reach out to your potential fans instead. We have strong roots in our home-brewed music fans community, and we will promote your playlist link to multiple platforms to gather influence.

        We do know if you are Ed Sheeran or any other most-streamed artists on Spotify, we will not be having this conversation because you will have a team to promote you. But imagine this tone of work must be done just by yourself! Buying Spotify followers from us is like having a music agent so that you can concentrate on creating quality music and start to enjoy this worldwide market with over 100 million listeners.

        If you are simply interested in Spotify but haven’t considered starting a career on it whatsoever, buying a couple of followers from us can be of no harm. Your Spotify account can be connected to Facebook so that your friends will see your public playlists. Having a popular playlist is a cool thing to show your taste and to brag about among friends. Am I right?

        Why should I buy playlist followers from Famous Follower? 

        Famous Follower provides clients with 100% real playlist followers! This is the biggest difference between our product and other follower boosters! A lot of people worry that followers bought are just a bunch of bots that will not build a deep connection with playlist owners. That’s understandable considering buying fake followers is against Spotify’s TOS. You are risking losing your playlist if you choose to buy bots!

        This is why Famous Follower uses our unique way to build a thriving community, to which your playlists and links will be shared and promoted in order to increase your visibility. It is safe to say that with our method, you won’t get any fake followers. Rather, consider us as a catalyst to accelerate an otherwise long and difficult process.

        What do I do after buying the service? 

        After you get Spotify followers from us, just wait for a few hours for the magic to take effect. To see how many followers your playlist has, click open your playlist, and the number is right underneath the title. Follower increase will be rapid and solid. A small fan number decreases as time elapses is normal, and we will fill in the dropped ones for you if it happens. So don’t worry about that. Read the customer reviews below to find out more about clients’ feedback.
        Surely buying followers doesn’t guarantee you become the most listened to artist or curator on Spotify. It is only one of the few things that will help promote your playlist. You should also update your playlist once in a while to add some spice to it, personalize your playlist cover to accentuate it among others, and customize your profile to make it more captivating.

        Can I see who follows my Spotify playlist?

        Unfortunately, you cannot see who follows your playlist after buying Spotify followers. But you can see the number of playlist followers. Simply by opening Spotify, go to "Your library," and scroll down to select the playlist. On the playlist page, you can see how many people have followed your playlist.

        If you want to check how many followers your account has, easy-peasy! Go to your profile page on Spotify, which is normally toward the top-right corner of your screen or will appear after you tap the "Settings" icon, whichever the devices you are using. Then open the "FOLLOWERS" tab to see who's following your account.

        Can I make money from Spotify playlist?

        That’s a big yes. Being a curator, do you ever think about monetizing your playlists after you spend days and nights discovering indie music and choosing the right ones to cater to your followers? Actually, you can earn money through writing songs' reviews and publish them on specific websites. Artists will go find you and pay for you to put their songs in your playlist if you have the biggest playlist. How to have the biggest playlist? Try buying Spotify playlist followers!

        If you are an artist, Spotify provides you with more convenient tools to put yourself forward. You can fill in the dates of your performances and integrate SongKick to sell tickets directly. This will surely boost your ticket and souvenir sales. That’s when the numbers will speak for themselves. The more Spotify followers you have, the more revenues you will get.

        Are there other insider tips for further increasing Spotify followers?

        Sure! As the professional team of marketing, we have nearly 5 years' experience in the digital marketing industry, so you can trust us on this. We devoted ourselves to providing our customers with the best service and experience.

        • Observe trending lists to catch up with the best hits. Everything can inspire a playlist and imagination is your limit.
        • Remember to include links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc., in your profile. That's where your fans can connect with you.
        • Use social networks to interact with artists whose songs your playlists include, and hopefully their fans will become your subscribers.
        • A good playlist should be a cocktail of different music decades with no more than one song per artist. This is crucial to stop subscribers from yawning at your content unless you are making a bedtime music list.
        • Target niche markets and unknown musicians. If your playlist goes viral, it helps both of you.

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