Best Tiktok Niches in 2020

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We've talked about how to find your Tiktok niche by using 4 simple steps in the last article. If you still have no clue which niche you are going to get in, go ahead and read this article. In this article, we are going to show you top niches for Tiktok in 2020, which may give you some inspiration on picking your niche.


Best Tiktok Niches to boost your account




The first niche that is a big killer on Tiktok is fitness. You may have noticed that the fitness niche has completely dominated Instagram. That's because people are so fond of watching visual content, especially in the workout area. They like to see before and afters on Tiktok; it gives them power and motivation to work out.


Tiktok, as a quick and visual platform, is no exception. If you are a fitness enthusiast or personal trainer, you can record your body changes since workout, or give people a very quick tutorial of what fitness they should do during the day, it could definitely achieve better effects than Instagram and grow your fan base. It is not oversaturated. You still have a big chance to gain more visibility.




Fashion and Beauty


Another great niche to grow on Tiktok in 2020 is fashion and beauty. If you are a hairdresser or a makeup artist, you can do clips on before and afters showing changes.


Same as the fitness niche, people are really into before and afters. You can post a video about comparison on what your hair like when you chill at home vs what it's like when you go on a date. It will guarantee your success. Or you can teach some useful tips on how to make people look stunning on their makeup or hairstyles.





The third amazing niche on Tiktok in 2020 is finance. With more than 41 percent of youngsters on Tiktok, parents are also likely to go to the Tiktok and learn more about what their children actually see.


So if you are an accountant, a lawyer, or in finance, getting on Tiktok is highly recommended. People tend to think that this kind of job is serious, therefore, it is a huge potential to go viral by making fun of your job considering Tiktok is satirical. The more you make fun of yourself, the better results. You can do some funny clips about your daily work or telling funny finance jokes.


Also, you can use simple and clear words to explain specialized financial knowledge to people and record some course clips about how to save the family budget or some money tips.






Medical niche is also a great niche for you to get in if you are an orthodontist, nurse, or surgeon. Health is what people most care about. So some medical tips can easily attract people's attention.


Also, if you are a dentist, and when children are right on their ages to get braces, guess what, their parents will watch your video and think about sending children to your place. There is always space for you to get more clienteles.




There you go. We share with you what we thought are the best Tiktok niches in 2020. Of course, there are no certain answers. You can also find your own niche to get in using the four steps we talked about in the last article. Have a great time on getting Tiktok famous! Also, don't forget to check in our site for more interesting articles and tips!


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