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  • You can select from channels with 0 subs, 1k+ subs, or 4k hours.
  • You don't have to bother about copyright issues. No community strikes.


Please note that you need to apply for monetization by yourself when choosing the "1k+ Subs & 4k watch hours" package.



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  • Please don't use this service and ones from other websites at the same time. We could only guarantee the quality from Famous Follower.
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FAQs about Buying Youtube Channel

What is a YouTube Channel?

A YouTube Channel is basically used to share videos. Users can share their lifestyle videos, own a gaming account, used their channel to make money or even own a cooking YouTube account. The content posted on YouTube is predominantly in video format, you can compare a YouTube to a conventional TV channel where the audience views your video contents.

There are many issues to contend with when you want to buy YouTube channel online. Some of these issues are legitimate while others shouldn’t be given too much thought in your right decision to grow your YouTube sales and your business as a whole. When you buy YouTube Channel, it’s always good to buy a channel with real subscribers.

Having fake subs or bots can make YouTube remove your channel as a whole per policy. But buying a YouTube channel from the wrong place can be expensive and you may need to pay all the ‘subscribers’ every time you decide to upload new videos. We help you to eliminate all these barriers.

The size of your YouTube channel reveals the popularity of your brand and how many people like your YouTube video content. And the more you stand out in the ocean of billions of video contents regularly posted on YouTube. If, for example, you buy monetized YouTube channel, the views on your YouTube channel online will increase.

The YouTube algorithm itself uses the amount of subscribers to separate good quality videos from bad quality videos, instead of the substance of the videos uploaded. For instance, if two channels share similar content, the one with more subscribers has a bigger chance of being promoted by the YouTube algorithm.

Is a YouTube account free?

Creating a YouTube account is free. But to create a YouTube channel isn’t that straightforward, though it’s also entirely free. Having a Google account isn’t the same as having a YouTube channel. However, when you purchase YouTube Channel, you can get free YouTube followers and you can monetize YouTube channel. 

Why should I choose to promote my brand or product on YouTube?

In April 2019, online purchases constituted only 11.813 % of the total merchandise sales. An unseen face can hardly be trusted. As a result of this, more businesses are embracing video marketing more as a means of putting faces to their businesses. One of the best video marketing strategies is through YouTube.

Approximately 78.8 % of digital marketers consider it to be best from all other social media platforms. With a YouTube channel, you can easily create and circulate regular video contents that grip the attention of new buyers, and make money as a result.

In the beginning of your YouTube campaign, it can be daunting to reach your target audience, but without these loyal subscribers, your quality videos will amount to a waste of effort and money.

A lack of existing subscribers rarely attracts new buyers. It’s just like a vote of (no) confidence on your YouTube channel and your business generally. When you pay for YouTube channel, you overcome this stigma or the disadvantage of a newcomer. Often, you’ll come across warnings that you shouldn’t buy monetized YouTube channel; and instead build your audience the hard, organic way. This path is very long and unsure.

A few of these warnings are legitimate. How do you buy legit YouTube channel that aren’t bot-based and that are inexpensive?
At Famous Follower, we address these questions or difficulties. Whether you want to know how to grow on YouTube faster, or you want to buy YouTube subs cheap, we’re for you. We’re the best place to buy YouTube service at affordable prices.

How do you register a YouTube Channel?

When you register as a new YouTube member, you’re automatically assigned your own channel. This channel is a rough skeleton until you add content to it and structure it. To manually register a channel, sign in in the top right corner of your Google account page.

Clicking on the YouTube settings icon will take you to your profile icon. Click on the create a channel. You have the option to create a personal YouTube channel or create a channel using a business or other name. Viola!

Can I grow my YouTube Channel organically?

Yes, you can, but from our experience, it’s advisable to buy a YouTube Channel if you’re just starting out. Growing your viewers and subscribers is a long journey as YouTube itself is a mountain of video content. For instance, even if you haul in all your effort, it still takes about one year to get 10, 000 subscribers.

For every minute, almost 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. So the odds are stacked against you if you’re relying solely on organic ways to grow your brand new channel. But whether you decide to combine organic growth with buying of subs, you should never ignore quality in your content, with regards to the technical quality of the video, the relevance of what you share in the video itself, etc.

Even where your channel is performing well in terms of size and popularity, you can buy new channels to diversify your digital marketing campaign or even buy an already monetized channel to rake in more revenue. If you insist on growing your channel organically, here are some important tips to attract more subscribers for your account. These tips will accelerate your reach for both methods.

● Regularly upload a new video at least once a week;

● Use the most searched keywords in the title;

● Add Subtitle in your YouTube Videos;

● Encourage people to press the subscribe button at the beginning of your video;

● Make a YouTube Custom Thumbnail

● Share your YouTube video to other social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Why Should I Spend or Invest on Video Content?

In digital advertising, video is rapidly becoming the most popular medium for people running different scales of business. This is because video or motion pictures generally appeal and move buyers to take decisive actions. It’s been projected to exceed 80 % of all web traffic by the end of this year.

But even as the world gets more digital and anonymous, with shops going virtual, (and the ease of buying things online) people still love the warmth of a seller’s face, and the assurance and authority of their voice.

Why should you buy YouTube Channel?

Apart from the obvious benefits of getting more subscribers, there are other unacknowledged benefits you reap when you pay for YouTube channel, instead of building from the scratch. If you’re a new YouTuber, you can’t rely solely on the quality of your content to drive home a horde of subscribers.

Although quality content matters in the long run, the cold reality is that you’re up against stronger competitors with an army of followers and most decisively, the infamous YouTube algorithm. This algorithm primarily ranks channels and their visibility on the basis of their subscriber base and other engagements like YouTube views and comments. So it’s always smart to buy a channel at some point whether you’ve your own subscribers already or are just starting out.

70% of what people watch on YouTube is determined by the YouTube recommendation algorithm. If you’re looking to monetize your channel apart from creating awareness about your products and services, buying a monetized channel helps tremendously.

Another advantage of buying a YouTube channel is that whatever residual revenue from the videos that are already posted on the channel is yours. You can continue to rake in more money from the channel effortlessly, even without new video content.

How to buy YouTube Channel?

Buying a YouTube Channel is as simple as ABC. Here is an easy step by step guide to buying legit YouTube Channel from Famous Followers:

1. Go to the site FamousFollower.com. You can see many services, choose YouTube collection. You will be lead to the Purchase page.

2. Select the YouTube Channel you want (with the size of subscribers you want).

3. Make your payment. Payment is safe and secure and we will never share your information.Make sure to leave your contact information so we can send you details about the channel you buy.

4. TaDa! You will get the information about your YouTube Channel almost immediately.

You can now begin to engage your subscribers with your dazzling YouTube Video content.

Is it legal to buy YouTube Channel?

Purchasing YouTube channel is definitely legal and doesn’t violate any known digital laws. It’s a smart, accepted way of grooming your channel, your business and even monetizing your views in the process. Bear it in mind that failure to get it right can cause some serious complications.

YouTube discourages bogus engagements, subscriber bots, or anything that’s suspect. If YouTube suspects that your channel contains bot subscribers, it can flag your videos as spam. You should exercise great caution when you buy YouTube channel online as a newcomer. Your channel may be taken down if it’s discovered that your audience are not real YouTube subscribers. So make sure you choose a trustworthy and credible site/company to buy channel.

Why Should I Buy a Channel from Famous Follower?

● Famous Follower is credible. We have been around for over five years and in those years we have gathered plenty of experience. Our team is made of brilliant marketing experts who, in the years before the founding of Famous Follower, have worked with many other firms and have gotten quality experience.

● The safety and privacy of your channel is guaranteed. For years, we have worked in growing followers and likes for companies on social media. And not once was there a security problem with the social media accounts of those companies. As a result, you can trust us on this one.

● We've got you covered 24/7. Whenever an issue arises, we are always available to help fix that, as long as you don't hesitate to reach out to us.

● Famous Follower has many partners that we work with, too. This partnerships are with both individuals and businesses on YouTube. Our partners think very highly of us and highly recommend us to their friends. Check the customer reviews below.

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