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We provide real geo-targeted Instagram likes from active users to boost your brand/business in the targeted countries. No password required. Instant delivery with 100% safety & satisfaction guarantee. Check here to get more targeted Instagram followers!


  • Get targeted Instagram likes for your fabulous posts.
  • Increase the popularity and presence of the posts.
  • Trigger the Instagram algorithm to reach more audiences. 

We provide real geo-targeted Instagram likes from active users to boost your brand/business in the targeted countries. No password required. Instant delivery with 100% safety & satisfaction guarantee. Check here to get more targeted Instagram followers!


  • Get targeted Instagram likes for your fabulous posts.
  • Increase the popularity and presence of the posts.
  • Trigger the Instagram algorithm to reach more audiences. 

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FAQs about Buying Targeted Instagram Likes

How targeted Instagram likes affect Instagram algorithm? (Updated 2020)

It has been 2020, still no clue on how to market your Instagram account? Don't go and continue reading to get your social media accounts rapidly grown like a rocket!

Whether you are an individual wanting to become an Instagram sensation, an artist hoping to show the world your talents, or a business entity who is building brand and running a business on Instagram, keeping up with the Instagram algorithm is crucial to your success. In this way, you can get to know new Instagram changes and make marketing strategies accordingly to achieve your goal. 

Instagram algorithm frequently changes to make sure to provide the best experience for Instagram users. So beating the Instagram algorithm is not easy. Many factors affect the Instagram algorithm including targeted Instagram likes. Let's firstly find out how targeted Instagram likes affect the Instagram algorithm to boost your account. 

The Instagram algorithm cares about engagement. If you regularly leave comments and likes on someone's posts or are tagged in his/her posts repeatedly, then the relationship between you and this person tends to be defined as "friends and family" or "important" category by Instagram. In this way, you're telling Instagram this person matters to you. So Instagram algorithm will show their posts on your feed page more often. 

Vice versa. If your posts get more Instagram likes from certain countries, then the Instagram algorithm tends to think your posts are popular in these countries, so there is a big chance your posts will be promoted to these countries, and the reach in certain countries will be increased as well. If you are doing online business on Instagram, then it is a big opportunity for your brand or products/services to attract more target audiences. Because with a huge number of targeted likes under your posts, people tend to think your products/services are popular. They can be easily converted to your clients and targeted followers on Instagram.

So don't stop engaging with people if you want your content to show on other's pages and get more visibility. You can grow your engagements starting withlikes, comments, views and shares. Just remember the higher your targeted engagement rate, the easier your posts can reach more organic targeted audiences.

Why is buying targeted Instagram likes important?

The number of likes on Instagram is not only an important metric for Instagram to decide whether to give your post a promotion or not, but also a great factor to define popularity and recognition. Think about 345,666,7 likes under a post. It shows million people support and love this post. Imagine if your post gets so many likes, which position will it get?

But buying worldwide Instagram likes are far from achieving success. You should also consider getting accurate and targeted likes. Think about this way, if you are a music maker and many professional artists on Spotify support and promote your music to their fans, it will be a great way for your music to stand out and beat other competitors. Also, if you own an American shop that sells local food, a bunch of votes from other countries instead of the United States will not help your brand/business to grow, right? A huge amount of good likes from USA Instagram followers will. So the key is to catch the right targeted audiences by getting more targeted Instagram likes.

By buying targeted Instagram likes, your posts are gaining large support from target countries. With more targeted likes under your posts, people will believe your photo/video posts can really bring something useful for them, increasing a higher level of account authenticity in the target market; therefore attracting them to know more about your brand/business.

Also, people are social animals. When one person sees a popular thing, others will gather around, trying to figure out what it is, just like a famous phenomenon "Fear of missing out". In this way, your profile has a huge potential to increase visibility, get large traffic, and become famous at a fast speed.

Buying targeted Instagram likes is also a great way to beat the Instagram algorithm. Like we said before in "How the Instagram algorithm works", engagement means a lot for the Instagram algorithm. Your engagement rate will be higher than usual with lots of targeted likes; this kind of positive signal will be recognized by the algorithm, thus promoting your posts to a higher position through hashtags and explore page. And more people can see your posts on their newsfeed. Comparing with your competitors, your brand/business has a higher possibility to win supporters and customers.

To sum up, buying one service - targeted Instagram likes from Famous Follower, the benefits you can get is endless. Your account will be more active than ever before, the online presence of your brand/business can increase, and the success is coming towards you!

How to get more targeted Instagram likes?

The best way to get more likes is to have many targeted likes already. Buying targeted Instagram likes is the greatest way to largely get targeted likes for your posts quickly.

However, if huge success is what you are hoping for, merely spending money on it is not enough. You should also combine it with some social media marketing strategies. The following are some great tips our team finds out to help you with your growth.

1. Set the overall goal of your brand/business (The more specific, the better)
2. Create Interesting bio to catch attention
3. Upload posts in a schedule (Frequency matters to Instagram)
4. Add hashtags related to your niche
5. Promote Account in emails (Get more organic traffic)

Bonus tips: Frequency and Instant matter to the Instagram algorithm. Do not post several times a week, and then back to no posts in the next week. Instagram sees it as a negative activity and tend to decrease your visibility. Post regularly and get auto likes on your posts instantly will make Instagram think highly of you.

Why choose Famous Follower to buy targeted Instagram likes?

  • Famous Follower is a social media team of marketing experts with over 5 years of experience. With the best understanding of the Instagram Algorithm and the terms of Instagram, our team knows the best way to grow your Instagram no matter you are an individual account or want to do business on Instagram.

  • After many years of experience in social media marketing, we realize the great importance of targeted engagements including targeted Instagram followers, likes and female comments. Targeted interaction on Instagram can greatly please the Instagram algorithm and benefit persona/business account to develop in target countries. Other providers don't really find the true value of the targeted Instagram likes. And even if they do, some competing sites may even sell you fake and bots targeted likes at cheap prices. which will do more harm than good to your accounts. Do not use fake services!

  • The quality of our targeted Instagram likes are tested multiple times before launching, so we guarantee you the best quality targeted likes. No bots, No fake targeted likes, No false promises!

  • 100% safety and privacy are guaranteed. Always keeping the Instagram terms and customer's privacy in mind, we assure the safety and privacy of every customer. We spare no efforts to use less information to achieve the best result. Having worked in the business of selling Instagram followers, likes, and comments for years, we never encounter the problem that one customer complains about his/her account get banned or hacked.

    Please noted that giving out your password is not a great idea. Other fake providers may sell your information to a third-party.  

  • Partner with thousands of Instagram influencers and business owners. Having worked in the business of providing marketing services like worldwide Instagram followers, likes, and comments for years, our customers think highly of us and love to recommend us to their family and friends.

  • 24/7 customer support for your service. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you encounter any problem or want a tailored service. We are happy to serve you!

If you are still looking for the best service provider, look no further because we guarantee that you will get satisfactory results from Famous Follower.

Is it legal to buy targeted Instagram likes?

Absolutely Yes!

Buying Instagram likes is totally legal.

However, it is not the kind of service that Instagram provides. So when you buy Instagram likes, make sure to buy real and active Instagram likes from real users. Instagram will detect fake and bots likes on your posts and tend to eliminate them.

So in case wasting your money, buying real targeted likes from a trustworthy site like Famous Follower is essential.

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