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We deliver authentic Twitter poll votes at an affordable cost to our global clients.


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We deliver authentic Twitter poll votes at an affordable cost to our global clients.


  • Get the needed votes to boost your Twitter polls.
  • Add more credibility to your Twitter poll when you purchase real poll votes from us. 
  • Trigger Twitter's algorithm to suggest your poll to more users organically.
  • Improve organic engagement on your Twitter polls. 
  • Reach more targeted audiences.
  •  We deliver fast and authentic Twitter poll votes. Buy bot free Twitter poll votes. 
  • Buy Twitter poll votes using fast and secured processes (No survey and password required). 24/7 customer support to serve you.


Please Read Before Buying Twitter Poll Votes

  • Please note that you must fill in the right and valid Tweet Poll URL. Also don't forget to leave the option name for votes.
  • Please place an order 12 hrs ahead of the deadline, just in case the poll ends before the service takes effect.
  • Please keep your Twitter account Public and do not set to private until we deliver all your poll votes.
  • Don't use the same services from other sites at the same time.

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FAQs about Buying Twitter Poll Votes

What Are Twitter Poll Votes?

Twitter remains one of the largest social media platforms on earth. With more than three hundred and twenty million active users, many brands have Twitter as a space to establish their authority, connect with customers and clients, and conduct market research. Twitter poll votes are votes or engagements to your Twitter poll.

Twitter polls are not new. Retweets and favorites have always been ways people expressed if they liked a particular tweet or not. However, this exciting feature—Twitter poll votes has created an avenue for people and brands to get people's opinions on different issues effectively.

What Do You Gain By Organizing Your Own Twitter Poll?

You get honest Opinion on Issues: While Instagram thrives on beautiful images and videos, Twitter thrives on opinions. There are many smart people and brands on Twitter, and you can always get their opinion on any political, social, and even brand-related issues. 

Questions you can ask in your Twitter poll include: 'What brand color would you love to see us use?' or 'What part of our service do you love the most?' 'What can we do better towards the #Metoo movement?'

You Can Use Twitter Opinion Polls to Grow Your Brand: When more people engage with your Twitter poll and vote, Twitter will suggest your poll to even more use, increasing the poll's momentum and your Twitter handle's visibility. With more people voting and giving their opinions on the issue or question you asked, your brand will become more credible. You can ask intimate customer-service provider questions and get to understand the needs of your customers better. Twitter poll votes can help you understand market trends and make better market decisions.

The fantastic thing about Twitter poll votes is that it is quick and easy. Unlike physical polls that are so annoying to set up and even more frustrating to get people to participate, Twitter poll votes are easy to set up. With our quality services, you get to buy Twitter poll votes to boost your poll campaign organically.

Why Should You Buy Real Twitter Poll Votes?

The Twitter poll vote is one of the best ways to get people's opinions on your brand's Twitter account issues and engagement. Organizing a vote is relatively easy; however, you may wonder why you must purchase Twitter poll votes. Below are reasons why you should:

  • Increase engagements on your polls: When you purchase real Twitter poll votes, your engagement increases, and you will witness a sure boost in the number of people engaging with your poll.

  • Organic Engagement will Follow: The fantastic thing about buying Twitter poll votes is that Twitter's algorithm will take the votes as real votes—if indeed they are real, and then suggest your polls to more people. More users will comment, retweet, and even share your polls with friends and family members with more engagement.

  • Brand Visibility: Nothing is more important than brand visibility. Even if you buy 200 real Twitter poll votes, your brand will become more visible to more Twitter users.

  • The First Set of Move: In social media, people follow what other people are following. This means that, however, impressive your Twitter poll topic is, if you do not have people who are already engaging with it, other people will not engage. To solve this problem, you have to purchase some poll votes, and then people will begin to engage because now, your poll vote number is above 20 or 50.

  • It helps with Poll promotion: Of course, you can go ahead and promote your Twitter poll; however, if you do not already have engagement, people may be unwilling to interact with your poll because no one else has. You will only look desperate if you promote a poll with zero or less than a considerable number of votes. Social media operates on social proof; if people do not like you, you will find it difficult to see anyone else who will like you. Our Twitter poll votes packages give you the social proof to launch your poll campaign and achieve massive success.

  • Popularity: What's the essence of organizing a Twitter Poll vote if your poll does not go viral? With our services, you can buy as much poll votes as you want and watch your poll spread like wildfire. One of the assured methods of getting your Twitter poll to go viral is to buy affordable Twitter poll votes.

Why should you Buy Affordable Twitter Poll Votes from Famous Follower?

Quick Delivery of Poll Votes

Our process is stress-free and seamless, and we deliver poll votes to your account within 24 and 48 hours. Our friendly customer care team will always inform you of the delivery's progress anytime.

Secured Processing and Payment

Famous Follower works with cutting edge technology, and we continually update our system for optimum security and performance. You can order for any of our Twitter poll votes packages within a minute. Payment processing is also very secured, safe, and fast. We support various payment methods. Each is 100% safe guaranteed.

Quality Delivery

Unlike many other brands out there, we deliver only quality bot-free poll votes. Our poll votes do not get removed from your Twitter polls because they are real. We use only verified and active Twitter accounts—not bot accounts. If you work with us, your account can never get banned. We have been in this business for a very long time, and we have been the force behind several poll votes that have gone viral. We are thoroughly experienced, and our delivery systems are fast and reliable.

Very Friendly Customer Support Team

While our services are of the highest quality, we still have a team of dedicated experts to answer all your questions and queries. We have excellent customer service team members available 24/7 to answer all questions for those new to buying Twitter Poll votes. All our clients can connect with us through email, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Your Information is Secure with Us

Whatever information you give to us, we will never disclose to any third party throughout the transaction. Also, we will never ask for your Twitter password when working for your account. With many years of experience, we have always delivered the best and kept client information secure.

No Risk of Votes Decrease

When you buy poll votes from Famous Follower, the votes will remain the same. You do not need to bother about your votes decreasing. We understand that your reputation matters and dropped votes can hurt your reputation. We deliver only real Twitter poll votes; therefore, your votes will never decrease.

How Do I Order Twitter Poll Votes?

With our seamless and easy-to-use tool, you can buy Twitter poll votes in three simple steps:

1. Choose the number of votes you want.
2. Copy your Twitter poll vote link and enter your choice name or number for which we need to vote.
3. Complete order by adding to the cart or directly checking out. We support various payment methods for you to choose. And they are all 100% safe.

Easy-peasy! Your Twitter poll votes are on their way. You can grab a drink and see your votes increase.

Can People See Who Voted in a Twitter Poll?

No, people cannot see who voted in a Twitter poll.

Is it Illegal to Purchase Twitter Poll Votes? 

No law expressly says buying Twitter poll votes is illegal. If your questions are a lot of fun, like "Who is more likely to marry Kylie Jenner?' The answer does not matter, and it is a lot of fun. By buying affordable Twitter poll votes from Famous Follower, you can get real and quick engagements that will benefit your brand.

Can I promote My Services and Products with a Twitter Poll?

Yes, you definitely can. 

Many brands are using the Twitter to promote their services and products. The best way to go about service and product promotion, at times, is to do it covertly. For example, asking your followers questions about your services or even pitting one product over another will make people more interested in the product. 

For example, if you are a beauty brand, you can ask people to vote for their best brands. The purpose will be to highlight the best while talking about why people voted for it. Sometimes, a Twitter poll can give you insights on your service or product that means much to them.

Does Twitter Charge Me to Use Twitter Poll Feature?

No, absolutely not. A Twitter poll is a free Twitter feature, and you can use it as much as you can. 

Can My Poll Go Viral If I do not Have Many Twitter Followers?

No, you do not need a lot of followers to launch your own Twitter poll vote. While many followers will help your poll gain quick popularity, buying Twitter poll votes can also make your Twitter poll just as popular. We have seen many clients who had very few Twitter followers create polls that became popular because they purchased poll votes from us.

If you feel that your campaign has what it takes to go viral, do not wait for a second; buy Twitter poll votes from us today and watch how engagement on your polls will increase.

How Long Can a Twitter Poll Last? 

A Twitter poll can last anywhere between 5 minutes and seven days. The length of your poll depends on your preference. The poll length default is one day; however, you can always increase the poll length from 1 day to 7 days max.

Can I see the List of People Who Voted in My Poll? 

No, you cannot. Twitter has designed the poll feature to be an anonymous way by which Twitter users can air their opinions about just any topic while their identities are kept private. Neither you—nor anyone else can see the identity of those who voted in a poll.

Can People See the Results of my Twitter Poll?

Yes, anyone can see the results of a Twitter poll and the percentage of each vote option. 

How Do I Set Up Twitter Poll?

It's quite simple to set up your first Twitter poll. To create your first Twitter poll:

1. Click the 'Tweet compose box.' The box can be found at the top of your home window. You can also click the Tweet button in the navigation bar by the left.
2. Click the 'Add Poll' icon.
3. A main compose box will be revealed, and you can type in your poll question. There is usually a max number of characters you can use when writing your poll question. Stay within the allowed character limit.
4. Insert your poll option into the available choices. Twitter allows up to 4 poll choices. You can use at least two options, three options, or all your poll options. The max number of characters for each poll option is 25.
5. By default, Twitter sets the duration of your poll to 1 day; however, you can increase the limit to 7 days. The minimum time for a poll is 5 minutes.
6. Check all options and poll descriptions for errors. If you are sure everything is in order, click tweet, and your poll will be published.

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