How to Find Great Tiktok Hashtags for Your Videos

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In the previous article, we discuss how important of using hashtags on TikTok to reach more content. It is also very important to know how to find great Tiktok hashtags. In this article, we'll share you with some tips on finding great tags on Tiktok and some common rules about hashtags on Tiktok. So let's get started!


How to find Tiktok hashtags


Scroll through to Find Relevant Hashtags


The easiest way to find Tiktok hashtags is to scroll through the Tiktok and browse through as many contents as possible. Pay attention to what hashtags are mostly used by creators in your niche. They are also your competitors; don't remember to note down what hashtags they use in their most popular posts. It is the simplest but the most time-consuming way to find proper and relevant hashtags for your content.


Also, you can go to the Discover page on the bottom of the Tiktok. This page shows you millions of previews of videos with hashtags that are trending, where you can find tags that interest you and are relevant to your industry. To stay in tune with trending hashtags is beneficial for your exposure.




Search bar at the top of the Discover page is also a great way to find hashtags. Type in the keywords of your content. If you are working on sharing tips on social media growth, for instance, and your videos mostly feature with social media tips, you can search social media tips on the bar. You will get a lot of hashtags with the number of views for you to choose from.




Use Hashtag Finder tools


Here comes to the fastest way to find great Tiktok hashtags - hashtag finder tools. There are many free hashtag finder tools online that can help you find relevant hashtags within seconds.


All you need to do is type in any keyword or a topic of your industry, and it will create a list of related hashtags for you to copy and paste to your video caption. Tiktokhashtag. com is quite a great one we find. You should try it!




What hashtags to use on Titktok


There are no right hashtags on Tiktok for everyone, so keep finding. It's all about the trial! Below here are some of the most popular Tiktok hashtags in 2020 for you to use:




















Among those, #fouyoupage is the one with magic. Tiktok hashtag #fouyoupage is a very popular hashtag that almost every user is using. Using this hashtag can get your video featured to other users based Tiktok algorithm. People who spend more time on For You page can easily watch your content. It explains why you often see users post videos with #fouyoupage or #fyp.




Bonus tip: using too many hashtags on the caption will confuse the Tiktok algorithm on understanding your content. Use at most 3-5 high-quality hashtags is preferred.


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