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  • Please don't use this service and ones from other websites at the same time. We could only guarantee the quality from Famous Follower.
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FAQs about Buying Youtube Disikes

What are YouTube Video Dislikes?

YouTube video dislikes come naturally with YouTube. Every social media platform works under a term known as ‘social proof.’ Social proof means that if people like you, other people are more likely to like you; if people follow you, other people are likely to follow you; and, if people dislike you, other people are also likely to dislike you.

YouTube video dislike button—as well as YouTube video like button, are found under any YouTube video. With the dislike and like button, people are given a chance to express their like or dislike for a particular video.

What are the Factors YouTube Algorithm Consider When Suggesting a Video to Users?

YouTube algorithm works with many factors when deciding what videos to suggest to an audience. These factors include:

1. Relevance: YouTube selects videos by relevance. If the algorithm decides that a user will benefit from a particular video, YouTube will suggest the video to the user. For example, suppose a user searches for videos related to DIY home furniture. In that case, YouTube will suggest videos that relate to DIY home furniture whenever the user comes back to the platform. To make your video relevant, it must answer the question or request of users; that is, if you are a DIY home-furniture distributor, you need to make your videos relevant to potential audience by creating informative content.

2. Engagement such as Youtube dislikes, likes, comments, and shares: These are part of the factors YouTube algorithm use in determining the relevance of a video. If you buy YouTube likes, you can also purchase YouTube dislikes to make your video engagement more believable. Of course, not everyone will like your videos. Tap into the power of YouTube dislikes and increase your engagements.

3. YouTube views and comments are also factors that determine the engagement of your video. With many views and lengthy view time, YouTube algorithm will consider your video as relevant to your audience. Therefore, the algorithm will largely promote your videos to more people.

What Will I Gain if I Buy YouTube Dislikes?

  • You get engagement on your videos: Most people do not know that YouTube dislikes can be a good thing if they are in reasonable amounts. If you purchase a lot of YouTube likes, you should pay for YouTube dislikes to go along, and your engagement will increase. It is only natural that a few people should dislike your video.

  •  You can use YouTube dislike to make your video look controversial. Buying YouTube dislikes can be a publicity strategy. Even if YouTube dislike is negative publicity, negative publicity can also make your videos popular.

  • Your competitor's videos will be de-ranked by YouTube algorithm: When you purchase YouTube dislikes on behalf of your competitor, you do them a disfavour by telling YouTube that people do not like their videos; hence, YouTube's algorithm will have no choice than to reduce the number of people they suggest the video to. When doing this, ensure you buy enough YouTube dislikes to convince YouTube algorithm that the videos are not relevant to the audience.

  • You see a boost in your video engagement: If people do not have one option, they go to the nearest available option—your video. With YouTube dislikes on the competition's videos, the potential audience will be directed to yours. You can sweeten the pie by buying YouTube likes on your video, hence, increasing engagement on your YouTube channel and decreasing engagement on the competition's channel.

  • You get to build your brand: Some brands may quickly swallow your brand if you are not careful. In the struggle for exposure, you have to know your competition and find a way to stay above them. Stay above them by buying YouTube dislikes.

  • You can use YouTube dislikes preventing a video from getting exposure. Sometimes, you may decide to do this, not because of your brand, but because of personal convictions. For example, if you feel a video violates freedom of speech or certain humane principles, you can buy so much dislikes on the video that YouTube will stop suggesting the video to more people.  

Why Should You Buy YouTube Dislikes from Us? 

1. We are the best in the market. Our platform effectively delivers real YouTube dislikes to any video of your choice.

2. We have innumerable satisfied customers and positive reviews for all our services, including YouTube dislikes.

3. We offer an extensive range of YouTube dislikes. You can buy 10 YouTube dislikes, 100 YouTube dislikes, 1000 YouTube dislikes, or more. Whatever the number, we are always available, and we have efficient delivery.

4. Real and authentic YouTube Dislikes from Real YouTube Accounts: Unlike other brands, we do not sell bots. We sell only real YouTube dislikes from real YouTube accounts. With real YouTube dislikes from real YouTube accounts, engagement of the video we deliver the dislikes to will increase.

5. Seamless Platform and Superior Technology: We offer a seamless platform for purchasing and placing your order. There are usually no glitches in your purchase, and you can complete your order in less than a minute.

6. Secured and Safe Transactions: Unlike other platforms, we are 100% safe, and our platform is 100% secured. We believe in discretion; hence, we do not sell your data—or data of any of our clients, to any third party organization. Your data and transactions are safe with us.

7. Bulk delivery of YouTube dislikes: We can take bulk orders and still deliver quality to you.

8. Speedy delivery: We deliver every order quickly and swiftly.

9. Customer Care Service: We have a team of professionals that are always available to answer all of your questions. You can contact us through email, Instagram, or you can chat with us on Whatsapp. Our customer care team are amiable and are always available to answer your questions.

Where is the YouTube Dislike Button Located?

The YouTube dislike button is located just below the YouTube video you are watching. The like button can also be found below the video, while there is a section for comments. 

Is it Illegal to Buy YouTube Dislikes?

It is absolutely legal to buy YouTube dislikes. 

You do not commit any crime when you buy YouTube dislikes. This is because dislikes are a natural part of YouTube, and anyone can dislike a video on the platform. You can buy as much YouTube dislikes as you want and enjoy as your competition's video loses popularity. 

Is there a YouTube Dislike Counter?

Yes, YouTube comes with a dislike counter. This means that the numbers of dislikes you purchase on your competition’s YouTube will always show below the dislike button. Surely, when a video has too many dislikes, users will be discouraged from watching the video.

Is there a Limit to the Number of Dislikes I Can Buy? 

There is no limit to the number of dislikes you can buy on your competition’s account; however, you should always be strategic with your dislike purchases. Set a reasonable and believable number. 

Can the Number of Dislikes I Buy on A Video Reduce?

When you purchase YouTube dislikes from us, the dislikes are permanent, and they will always be on the videos we execute them on. We sell YouTube dislikes from real YouTube accounts; therefore, you do not have to worry that YouTube dislikes may later deplete.

YouTube Likes or YouTube Dislikes: Which is the Best?

YouTube likes for your YouTube channel and YouTube Dislikes for your competition are done for one purpose: to improve the visibility of your videos. Most times, your competitors' videos may threaten the existence of your own videos: during times like this, you may gain more from buying dislikes on their videos to reduce their visibility. It is, however, advised that you should buy YouTube likes and real YouTube followers for your videos as you buy YouTube dislikes for your competitions’ videos. Fortunately, at Famous Follower, we also sell real YouTube likes to our clients. 

How Do I Purchase YouTube Dislikes from Famous Follower?

Purchasing YouTube dislikes from us is relatively easy, and can be done in two simple steps:

Step 1: Get the URL of the Video You Want to Buy YouTube Dislikes on

Getting the URL for a channel is very simple. Go to the video and click on the share button. YouTube will give you many options of sharing the video, including providing the link to the video. Copy the link provided and paste it in our YouTube dislike platform.

Step 2: Make your order.

After copying the YouTube video URL, and pasting in our system, you can then pick the package of the numbers of dislikes you want and proceed to make your order. Once your order is complete, we will begin working on it immediately.

The process of purchasing YouTube dislikes from us will take less than a minute. Delivery is also speedy and efficient.

Are There Restricted YouTube Videos that Cannot Have Dislikes?


As long as a video is on YouTube, users who view it can like, dislike, and comment on it. Although, a YouTuber can disable comments; likes and dislike buttons can never be disabled. Therefore, you can purchase YouTube dislike on any video—as long as they have not been deleted from the YouTube platform. 

Who Should Use YouTube Dislikes?

Online entrepreneurs: If you are an online entrepreneur looking to optimize YouTube to generate more leads and reach a bigger audience, you must understand that whatever your ideas are, there is probably another entrepreneur already doing it. It would be best if you did everything necessary to give your brand exposure—and this may mean dimming the exposure of your competitor.

Social Influencers and Politicians: Social influencers and politicians, for some reasons, may not like a particular video. If you are a social influencer wishing you can stop the engagement of a specific YouTube video, this is the right service for you. You can purchase any number of YouTube dislikes and stall the momentum of a particular video.

People Looking for a Boost in YouTube Audience: What most people do not understand is that traffic online never really dies. This means that if YouTube algorithm does not suggest a particular channel to a set of users, it will suggest it to substitute channels. If one channel loses valuable subscribers or potential audience, the lost audience does not disappear; instead, it moves to another channel that offers similar services. So, if you are trying to improve your YouTube visibility, you can always push the potential audience away from your competitors and direct them to your YouTube channel.

What Are the Things I Can Do to Make My YouTube Channel Attractive?

While buying YouTube dislikes for your competitor's videos and YouTube followers and likes for your channel is an excellent way to boost engagement on your videos, there are still some things you can do to make your channel growth exponential.

1. Create great videos: Yes, YouTube followers and likes will increase your engagement; however, you can give yourself more visibility if you create videos that people like. Therefore, while we focus on delivering YouTube likes that will increase your engagement, and YouTube dislikes that will reduce the visibility of your competitor, you should focus on making excellent videos. Many tools can help you create great videos. These tools are available from the pre-production to post-production.

2. Explore animation: Animations bring life to your videos, making them more relatable and fun to watch. Do not create videos that are bland, uninspiring and un-engaging.

3. Be consistent: While one video can become famous, you need more than a video to improve the visibility of your brand. Post on your YouTube channel regularly and measure engagement your audience has with each of your videos. Keeping engagement data will give you insights on the type of videos your audience interacts with the most.

4. Check out what the competition is doing better: One of the best ways to know what your prospective audience want is to check out what the competition is doing.

YouTube dislikes are a great way to make sure that a particular video’s popularoty reduces. At Famous Follower, we have been in the business of selling social media services for a very long time, and we can always deliver quality, bot-free, powerful YouTube dislikes that will drive any video of your choice into obscurity.

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