How to have a verified Instagram account in 2020?

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The basics:

It is likely that you have seen in some Instagram profiles of celebrities, influencers or public figures, a small symbol or blue stamp with an approval next to the account name. 

The Instagram Verified Badge Symbol

This indicates that it is an official account and not someone who only seeks to steal identity to get followers. The Instagram developers themselves explain that the presence of this badge means that Instagram has confirmed that this account is the authentic presence of what it claims to be. 

Some extra note:

  • The first social network that implemented this system to avoid identity impostures was Twitter, followed by Facebook and then Instagram.
  • Until August 2018, Instagram only granted its badge to those that the company considered famous or important people. 
  •  Now, the possibility of requesting profile verification has been opened to users through a relatively quick questionnaire. 

  • Before proceeding, it is necessary to clarify that Instagram does not guarantee that the verification request will be approved. Certain steps of the verification request let Instagram know if you really are so well known as to merit the blissful blue badge and say who you say you are.

The complete guide to help you get verified:

You will be wondering, therefore, how to request your verification, but first it is good that you are clear with the prerequisites that Instagram requires. Now let's check them!

Prerequisites before verifying your account:

Pay attention, since if you meet the following requirements, you will be more likely to receive account verification. Your account must be:


It is necessary that your account represents something real, be it a person, a business or an entity.


Your account cannot be of general interest, such as @news. It has to be specifically what it represents, that is, if it is from a company that is responsible for manufacturing bathroom furniture, the account must show specifically to the company mentioned, and not talk about bathroom furniture in general.

Complete information

The content of your account must be complete, that is to say, you need a profile picture, personal information and have uploaded at least one photo to the wall. Posting spam on your account (such as links to other accounts owned by you outside Instagram) will discard it from this section. Therefore, try to keep it free of links.


The person or entity that your account represents has to be known and highly searched on the internet, since Instagram reviews and investigates the popularity before crediting. Instagram, in a section, warns that, if you enter unreal or misleading information, you will be stripped of the badge, there is also the possibility of deleting your account.

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Steps to verify your account:

Let's go to the core of the matter, what are the steps to verify your Instagram account, they are very easy:

  1. The first thing you should do is enter the application. 
  2. Then, go to your profile (from left to right, the last section in the bottom bar). 
  3. Then, click on the button in the upper left corner of the screen (three horizontal lines appear). 
  4. A tab will be displayed, where you will have to choose the gear at the end, just where it says "settings."
  5. Here, in the “account” section, you should go to “request verification”.
  6. You should fill out a small simple form now. Make sure you read the information given to you so you don't make mistakes of any kind.
  7. At the end of the form, you are asked to attach a photograph of an identification document: passport, identity card or driving license if your account is from a person, or tax return or utility bill if it is a company.

Soon, you will receive a notification informing you if Instagram has accepted your request or not.

  • If accepted, you will already have the blue badge and you will not need to do anything else. 
  • If, on the other hand, your request was rejected, you must wait 30 days to try again.

After verifying your account...

You should not worry about anything else, except for the following points:

  1. If you trade or transfer your verified account, Instagram will remove your badge. 
  2. If you use your account to promote other services than those you specified at the beginning, the badge will also be removed.
  3. You must verify your account yourself. If it is discovered that you did it through a third party, you will be dispossessed of your badge.

What happens if Instagram does not validate your account?

If Instagram does not validate your account, you can always resubmit an application after 30 days. 
But if you have an official Facebook account already verified, you can link it to your Instagram account. 
  -- This will not grant you the badge, but your followers will be able to enter your official Facebook and confirm your identity or that of your company.

Advantages of having a verified Instagram account

You might wonder what benefits entail having a verified Instagram account. Above we explain some advantages superficially, but here we will do it in more detail. 

  1.   Having a verified account prevents theft of the user's identity, which protects their integrity.
  2.   Followers of a verified account benefit from being able to distinguish fully reliable information from false information that is often found in impostor accounts. This is particularly useful in profiles of political figures.
  3.   A verified account is more likely to appear in user searches and, in addition, has a higher visibility than others that do not have the blue seal. This is because the verified accounts are always grouped at the beginning of a search.
  4.   A brand or business has a better reach if the account is verified, this translates into a greater possibility of increasing its income and constitutes a very important factor in the marketing and growth of a brand.
  5.   A verified profile may receive more proposals from advertisers than a profile that does not have the verification badge. This also translates into greater economic reach, that is, more money.

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