How to Create a Great Tiktok Username

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Some great Tiktok username ideas

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As long as we use the Internet, we can't lose contact with our usernames. And you may have a preferred username used across all of your social platforms. Like other outlets, Tiktok username is a unique identity. For most of us, it is easy for our friends and acquaintances to find us.

But if you want to do something big or great on Tiktok, like becoming a social sensation, promoting your business or monetization, you'd better choose a catchy, cool and memorable name. A cool username will make people know more about you and your brand, attract more audience to follow you, and get more agents to collaborate with you.

So when you rack your brain trying to think of a great username, here are a few ideas:

  • Use your own name

Your own name is a good choice. People will remember you as your own brand.

If your name is used by someone, make some modifications including adding some fav emojis, or some special characters. If your name is too long to show in the app, shorten it or use name abbreviations. Do not use the default username that you get auto-assigned when first sign in the Tiktok. It seems like a bot account, and no one likes to watch a bot.

  • Relate to your niche

Once you choose your own niche you will work on, a username combined with your content is a brilliant idea. It shows people your hobbies and interests, and let them know more about your content. There comes to a lot of scope based on your interests.

Let's say you are a dog person. Your username could combine with some training tricks, your dog's fav toys, or even your adorable puppy's name. Everyone would like to follow and heart (like) you!

  • Username Generator

If you still struggle to come up with a username, don't worry, we have your back. There are a lot of online username generator websites you can use to generate a satisfactory one. For example, Jimpix, SpinXo, Name Generator Fun, etc. You don't even to sign in, just type some information and the elements you want to add in. Ta-da! You get many customized usernames, choose one of the favs!


Thanks for reading this article. We hope this article will help you. You can also read more tips in our other blogs, and if you have some cool usernames tips for TikTok, comment us about it below!

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