How to Get More Instagram Followers

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With over 500 million active members and 1.6 billion likes per day on Instagram, everyone can become an influencer and be instafamous. But do you wonder why other people can easily get 10k+ Instagram followers and you can't even get one thousand followers despite spending lots of time on it? Well, if you don't know, now you know. Here are some basic tips; use these to increase your Instagram followers.


Define your ID direction

The direction of your Instagram is very important, which determines your content and target audience. With the right direction and the right audience, the long-term development of your account can be realized.

Optimize your profile and bio

A profile includes a name, an interesting username, any website you can put on for people to know more about you or your brand, and a unique bio. Among these, a great bio is crucial to attracting those new views to click the follow button. They won’t follow you if your profile is unclear or unattractive.

optimize your Instagram profile to get more followers

Post daily

Post at least once or twice a day to keep your Instagram account active, which increases followers faster than posting less than twice a week or even a month as data displays. And after posting, interactions with users including your followers and people unfollowing you is an essential way to increase your online visibility to gain more followers.


Put the right and proper hashtag

Adding hashtags is an easy way to get more views, but it also can easily get just the opposite. Do not add too many hashtags, 5 to 15 of relevant ones can achieve a better effect.

Be Patient

Growing Instagram followers is never an easy job. Your account can not go from less than 1k to 10k+ in just one night or several days; it could take you a lot of time and effort to see what you expect and don't surprised if it doesn't.

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