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  • Please make sure you input the correct Youtube video link. And your Comments are enabled to everyone. Otherwise, the delivery will fail.
  • Please don't use this service and ones from other websites at the same time. We could only guarantee the quality from Famous Follower.
  • All payment transactions processed are entirely secure on Famous Follower. We support Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin.

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FAQs about Buying Youtube Comments

Why should I buy Youtube comments?

If you never think about buying Youtube comments, you may want to learn more about it because you may get surprised after buying Youtube comments. The magic of comments on Youtube is amazing! Think about all the organic subscribers and views you always want. Well, you may get it now with our marketing technics. So why not try it out?

Engagement is a big thing when it comes to Youtube. With more engagement, your video can easily get more attraction. When people watch your video, comments under your video will show what other people think about your video. This will drive viewers to determine whether to continue watching your video or just leave, which directly increases the audience retention (watch time) of your video. If more and more people tend to leave, your video will be recognized as invaluable and may be buried in the sea of the content. That's not good.

Hardly anyone wants to be the first person to put comments. Because you don't know what to say and you don't know if your comment is the right thing to say. It is an awkward situation. But if there are already some positive comments from other users under your video, new viewers will be encouraged to leave new comments. Therefore, your video will get more interaction and achieve instant growth.

With more organic interaction including views and likes, the interaction ratio of your video is growing. It will trigger the Youtube algorithm to pay attention to your video. Your video may get higher ranking not only on Youtube but also on Google Search Results. You know how big this is, right? Many people struggle to be on the top shot of Youtube, and you can easily get there by buying Youtube comments. How amazing it is!

Buying Youtube comments from Famous Follower will not only bring real comments to you but also get you more organic comments and boost your video! Click the Buy It Now button and wait for the magic to happen!

Will my video take down if I buy Youtube comments from Famous Follower?

Absolutely NOT!

We guarantee you 100% risk-free because we take our job seriously.

With a deep understanding of the platform regulations, we assure you that all of our social media marketing services do not violate the Youtube terms and guidelines. And we always check our products every time Youtube gets the update. Our team has been researching and doing this for over 5 years; during this time, we never encountered any customers whose accounts were banned or videos were taken down.

Famous Follower uses the safest method to increase comments to your Youtube video, unlike untrustworthy sites who sell you bot comments only including emojis. We share your video with our community real members, just like you expose your video by sharing it with your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We provide you real comments from real people. When you buy from Famous Follower, we assure you that everything is completely legitimate.

Our service is used by small-business, influencers as well as many celebrities. They are both satisfied with it.

Our vision is that nothing is more important than the account security of customers, so we don't need your personal or sensitive information.

There is nothing to be worried about with our professional experience, so relax and wait for our reliable delivery.

Why Famous Follower is the best site to buy Youtube comments?

  • Famous Follower is a social media team of marketing experts with over 5 years of experience. With the best understanding of the Youtube Algorithm and policy, our team knows the best way to grow your Youtube channel. Many people spend a lot of time marketing their channels but have little progress.
  • With our marketing technics, you can put more time and effort into your quality video-creating. We'll do the work of promotion.
  • We do care customer satisfaction. Our Youtube comments are tested multiple times before launching, so we guarantee you the best quality comments available on the market. Real comments on Youtube from real people. No false promises!
  • Guarantee Lightning-fast Delivery and 100% safety.
  • 24/7 customer support for your service.

If you still find the best service provider, look no further because we guarantee that you will get satisfactory results from us.

How do I copy my Youtube video link on phone/tablet?

It's just so simple.

  • Open up your video on Youtube app.
  • Click the Share button, then select "Copy link".
  • Paste the Link in the blank we provide (No password required).

And now you're good to go! 

Is there any discount for bulk Youtube comments order?


If you are a recurring customer or want to buy more Youtube comments, don't hesitate to contact us for special prices! We are always at your service.

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