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  1. Please input your correct Instagram Story Link instead of your Nickname. Otherwise, the delivery will fail.
  2. Make sure Your Instagram profile is open to the Public (NOT on private modus) until all the story views you ordered are delivered.
  3. Please don't use this service and ones from other websites at the same time. We could only guarantee the quality of Ig followers of ours.
  4. All payment transactions processed are entirely secure on Famous Follower. We support Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin.

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FAQs about Buying Instagram Story Views

What are Instagram Story views? What is the difference between video views and story views?

Instagram story lets users post photos and videos to interact with their followers. But the story is a short-time post that will vanish automatically after 24 hours. Your followers can only check your story after they click; one click is regarded as one view. Therefore, Instagram story views are the aggregate of clicks your Instagram story gained.

The number of Instagram story views you gain on your stories influences the ranking order in which your stories will be shown to your followers in the story section of their feed. That means, the more Instagram views your story gets, the higher ranking your story will be shown on the feed page. Thus, buying Instagram story views is a great way to reach more followers and get a higher ranking on the feed page.

As for the video views, it is targeted for your Instagram video posts. An Instagram video post is a video clip that users can upload on their accounts just like uploading pictures. It appears permanently on the general feeds just like your other photo posts on Instagram. Buying Ig video views are also an excellent way to boost your Ig account since it helps to attract more people to watch your videos.

Why should I buy Instagram Story views?

Do you know there are over 500 million users who use Instagram Stories every day? Why people like upload stories rather than posts? Well, the magic of Instagram story is huge. If you don't know, now you know.

Using Instagram Story helps to reach more followers and gain more visibilities. When you upload an Instagram story, you are telling people to check out your new posts, making sure everyone on your Instagram be notified. Also, it is almost impossible that your followers only follow you. So there will be many new stories from other users on their story feed page. You need to differentiate yourself from crowds. 

Buying Instagram story views is an excellent way to help you stand out from the crowds. With more story views, your story can rank higher. In this way, your story will get a higher position on every followers' story feed. We all know people tend to click the first thing they see. So the more story views you get, the higher chance your Ig story will be clicked by more followers. 

Using Instagram story to expose your brand and promote products. If you are a brand, you can upload videos or photos of your brand. The story increases the reach of your brands and improves exposure. It can achieve better effects than ordinary posts on Instagram. 

Therefore, buying Ig story views is a great way to make a good start. Just like we said before, the more views you get on your Instagram story, the more followers you can reach and the higher position your story will get on other users' story feeds. It can be easily promoted to every follower. Besides, with more followers watch your story, it is a great chance that they may share your story with other people. Thus, your brand can reach more audiences, get more exposure, and get popular. 

Similar to buying Instagram video views, more story views also help you to attract more interaction. Whether you are doing business on Instagram or an individual, buying Instagram story views does not need a second thought. With the great number of Ig story views, both your account and business can get promotion and popularity, achieving outstanding growth. 
With Famous Follower, you can now buy real Ig story views at affordable prices. We guaranteed you 100% satisfaction. Go ahead and try it out!

Is buying Instagram Story Views Safe?

Yes, it certainly is if you use our Ig story views service. But we can not guarantee the safety of your account if you buy story views from other sites.

As the best Instagram service provider, Famous Follower has been servicing for Instagram for several years now. We know how the Instagram Algorithm works and each rule of Instagram. Keeping our customers away from risks is always our top priority.

We take multiple measures to ensure your account's privacy and safety. Sensitive information like account password will never be asked with Famous Follower. Our thousands of customers around the world are both satisfied with our Ig story views services and keep ordering more!

One of the important rules of Instagram is that Stay away from the bots. Bots are extremely harmful to your Ig accounts. Some of the customers talked with us about the experience of buying bots views on other sites, and their accounts were banned by Instagram because of spammed actions. That's definitely not what we want to see. Using bots and fake views is never an option for Famous Follower. Have working so many years, our team guarantees all Instagram story views you get from Famous Follower are real.

So don't fret about buying Instagram story views. 100% safety is guaranteed from Famous Follower. You should go ahead and pick a package to wait for the magic!

Why choose Famous Follower?

  • Famous Follower is a social media team of marketing experts with over 5 years of experience. With the best understanding of the Instagram Algorithm, our team uses the safest marketing method to get more Instagram story views for your account. With more Ig story views, your account as well as your brand will boost and reach more audiences.

  • Same as you share your Ig story with your family and friends to get more views, we share your Ig stories to our own communities with millions of worldwide users that we have developed for years to get you more real views on your Instagram story. It is easy to reach the limit if you share your Ig story with friends and family. But with our service, your story can reach wider audiences and gain more visibilities.

  • Also, our products are tested multiple times before launching, so we guarantee you the best quality and real story views from real users on Instagram. No bots, fake story views, No false promises! Our customers including Instagram influencers and business owners are all satisfied with our service and praise upon it. Check our customer reviews!

  • Our vision is that nothing is more important than the account security of customers. We don't need any sensitive information like account password to deliver your Ig story views service. Only your username will work. So the safety is guaranteed from us. If you buy Ig story views from other sites, please be careful to give out your personal information. Fake sites may sell your information to other third parties and put your account in trouble. 

How to get more Instagram story views organically?

Now you know the importance of the Instagram story views. Let’s talk about how you can get more views on your Instagram story organically and brand more exposure for your stories in the long run.

1. Create different types of content

2. Use stickers and polls to engage with your followers

3. Provide a limited offer (discounts or giveaways)

4. Use location tags and hashtags to increase your brand visibility

5. Highlight your fav stories

Buying Instagram story views is the easiest and quickest way to boost your engagement with your followers. But if you can also make full use of the above little tips, buying Instagram story views will not only help to achieve a short-term boost but also play an important role in long-term development to your Instagram account.  

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